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The ‘true love’ of the phrase, and quite frankly, of much of the ‘true love waits’ literature, has much more in common with the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ than anything we find in Scripture.

The true love of Scripture is a relationship and an action, not a feeling.The ‘true love’ of the popular movement, on the other hand, is a feeling. But the word ‘waits’ in the title implies something else.It has a human as its focus, and a whelm of emotions as its driving force. It might, in the end, be a good lust (we are not Catholics to deny such a thing), but it is not love, and definitely not ‘true love’. The theory of the word is ‘does not have sexual intercourse outside of marriage’. It implies a certain, if even possibly brief, ‘not now’….What do we hear, what does our modern youth hear, when someone says, ‘True Love Waits’?Well, first of all they hear the words ‘true love’.

Now, quite frankly, Christians all believe in ‘true love’.But they don’t believe, or shouldn’t, in the kind of ‘true love’ that this phrase implies. Why are you opposed to "True Love Waits," which is about avoiding fornication?There is a movement amongst the evangelical, conservative churches called ‘True Love Waits.’ You are probably familiar with it, maybe even have participated in it: You have some speaker come; you sign a card; and you wear a ring.You promise to ‘wait’ for marriage before you engage in sexual intercourse. But that is not, unfortunately, the title of the movement.On it’s face, the overt message of the ‘True Love Waits’ movement is that the Godly young man or woman does not have sexual relations outside of marriage. I suppose that, among other things, the title ‘The Godly Young Man or Woman Does Not Have Sexual Relations Outside of Marriage’ was just not catchy enough. And, quite frankly, not just with the title, but with the messages that, sometimes subtly and sometimes overtly, accompany the title.