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A court ruling detailed how the child fell under the hate preacher's spell at meetings of the banned extremist group Al-Muhajiroun (ALM).

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MAY STORIES include: Three UFOs Over Visalia, California... Arguing, Cooking, Crying Ghosts Haunted Our House... Two Angels Protected Me from Creature in the Woods... TV presenter Charlie Webster is fighting for her life in Brazil after contracting a rare strain of malaria on her way to the Olympic Games.The hate preacher once vowed if he was jailed, he would 'radicalise everyone in prison'.

He faces ten years in HMP Belmarsh, south-east London, after being convicted of inviting support for Islamic State.She hit the headlines in 1995 when found abandoned at the roadside but people who knew her believe she made the story up to impress an older man and the kidnapper was never caught.The 33-year-old is reportedly in a coma and on a life support machine in Rio de Janeiro.Her family, including her mother and brother, have flown to be by her side.A friend told The Sun : 'Charlie is battling for survival at the moment - everyone is distraught.The doctors have now identified the very rare malaria strain she has contracted so she is receiving the right treatment in Rio.' A boy of five radicalised by Anjem Choudary shouted 'shame' whenever he saw a woman in a dress who was not entirely covered up, it was revealed yesterday.