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And I judged their personalities based on friends we had in common.

Tinder is a free dating app that scans the radius around you to pick up mutually-interested users. I was looking within a 10-mile radius for men between the ages of 28-35.

The app is available on Apple and Android operating systems.

Once installed, it picks your Facebook information as your profile.

To help you decide on a date, their photo, personal description, shared interests and common friends are made visible – and that’s just the first round. I gave up my favorite Blackberry for an i Phone to get on the app because it doesn’t run on a Blackberry.

You can ‘like’ them back – using a green heart icon, followed by a personal chat. I liked and disliked potential matches but I knew I had to be strategic.

Pictures I know are deceptive since many (including myself) like to post only the best shots.For me, descriptors helped along with a look at shared interests.I was introduced to the Tinder app when I noticed a bunch of 30-somethings huddled over an i Phone at a swanky bar in Delhi voting aye and nay for a potential date for one of the boys in the group.The unabashed nature of these urban men in a country where sex is a loaded word left me curious.Interested as I was, I hesitated at first to mention it to friends but to my surprise, some were already using Tinder in India.Friends abroad swore by it saying they’d found “full-time relationships.” I was even rebuked by a girlfriend in London for calling it a ‘hook-up app.’ It is a dating app, she said.