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Thomas Thurston is addicted to being treated like garbage, is a LAWYER that was disbarred for ************ **************, and likes to put his wife's nieces panties on his head. He was on My old blackmail page back in the day early on, the 'birthday candle old dude'.

As it turns out, after looking him up when he appeared years later for more domme trouble, I discovered that he'd had a little run in with the law that was extremely well documented- (Paid To Delete Court/Legal Information) Well then!

This posting will make this little wee wee stand up: Real Name: Thomas Lester Thurston Email: [email protected], [email protected]: 8223 Outlook Ln, Prarie Village, Kansas 66208 Birthdate: 03/28/1948 Height: 6'0" Weight: 155lbs Hair: Brown & Grey Eyes: Blue Fetishes: Piss, Cock Ball Torture, Electro Torture, Facebook: (paid to edit) Fet Life: Serviss123 Collar Me/Collar Space: One & Two Legal Listing: (paid to edit) Other Dommes Harassed: Empress Vox Siren - cock camp enrollment form 1 & 2 Old Blackmail Listing: One, Two & Three Formal Disbarment PDF: (paid to edit) NEXT STEP: THE POOR HOUSE! This miserable fuck contacted Me directly on Jan 12th, 2015 for slave ownership and had already bitched out before the end of month one!

He was asked numerous times if the credit card bill he had OFFERED to sponsor would be paid in time, and even as recently as a week prior agreed but made excuses about waiting because of ID expiration, & having to go all the way back to Portugal to fix it.

On time payment for credit card bill came and went, and all he had to say for himself FOUR DAYS LATER when harassed was "Sorry i helped a friend with her hospital bill" knowing all well it would mean dismissal and ruin, and not even having the balls to admit it soon enough to avoid a late fee!

He's lucky My blackmail page of him never came up in the case, but if anyone **** ********** *** *********, this one sure will!

Thanks for paying so much towards My vacation to post you AND REMOVE YOU from here TWICE, bitch.

I've enjoyed draining you dry for a spa day, and the weekly bribe not to tell your family was definitely a bonus! How about any of these: (Paid to Delete Family Facebook Photo) You better start taking out more health insurance, you dying old pussy. Make sure not to end it without figuring out how you can make it benefit Me.I could have you ******* ** * *** ** concerned housewives before cancer ever gets the chance. LISTING POSTING DATE: 6/30/15 PUBLIC WARNING: (paid to edit and change legal terms) ********************** ************************************************************************ ************************************************************************* His Dirtiest Photos: Signed Contract Requesting My Services: Sergio Dias is a very naughty boy that gets turned on by fat pushy chicks.For years, I've run Money and used My blackmail page to reveal the dirtiest secrets of each person that paid the deposit to be there until they could afford their buyout, or posted forever the chaps that got into agreements and didn't pay.The percentage of new blackmailers & payments waned over the years, and I can no longer justify paying for seprate hosting just to support the wack-off habits of a bunch of cheap blackmail fetishists.Too much of the traffic became nonpaying wankers too chicken shit to bother to even gift Me anonymously much less pay for services (or even their own contracts), but a few of My serious long term ruination fetishists absolutely still need this service. You will not be placed on this page unless you've paid the 0 deposit, whether I get you to fill out the VERY thorough, traumatizing application nor not.All timewasters & scammers will be simply BLOG POSTED HERE & twitter shamed.