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Australia charges its second Catholic Priest for child sex crimes, and this blog continues to ask: Why is New Zealand immune?

That was followed by a post of dash cam footage from 1927 as well as dash cam footage of a plane crash last week.

Next a top drawer post about glow in the dark toilet paper and poop hand soap. An interesting BBC2 short about Gordon Buchanan turning himself potential into Polar Bear lunch leads a post about Iron Maiden showing Steve Harris wearing a Whale Oil Beef Hooked T-Shirt.

Perhaps we should avoid NZ Herald Stock tips: Australian shares are hot apparently? Oh, and Fairfax stocks are doing just great as well.

And as we wind down towards the end of the Saturday, we have a post about a CK Stead letter in which he slams the Binnie report as having clear bias. Rumours are he is going to admit to being a drug cheat.

Our Whale Army spotted Kim Dotcom on an Auckland Beach, sitting on inflatable couches. A news report about a woman hiding in her attic with her children during a home invasion.

When the intruder finally found them, she shot him 5 times. An update on the newspaper that published the location of gun owners in its area and caused a backlash are now hiring armed guards to protect themselves.

The hypocrites didn’t think that through, did they?

Saturday started with a Face of the Day photo that was a bit hard to look at before breakfast.

Cam finds a Frenchman worthy of respect, and is pleased to find they aren’t all cheese eating surrender monkeys.

Count Jacques le Bel de Penguilly does have a poofy name though.

Five Lesbians Eating a Quiche is a play that Whale suggests David Farrar should review for his Womans Weekly blog.