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You have used such a variety of methods in dating the featured photos that we thought you’d like to share them in one place and help out those who are new to the ‘craft’.

For instance, do you date photos from: the clothing people are wearing; the cars you see; the progress of building construction; the appearance of telegraph poles; an historic event…or something unusual?

I’ll start off the list with something I learned while following the advice of a Flickr friend.

Vic - EST - Strong Wind Warning for the West, Central, C Gippsland Coast and E Gippsland Coasts.Cancellation for Port Phillip and W Port Vic - EST - Severe Weather Warning (Destructive Winds) for West and South Gippsland, East Gippsland and the North East.Your amazing contributions to the Moments in Time photo series have really blown us away here Archives Outside.In fact, it became our most successful series on the blog after just the second post!Spice up your life with adding your FREE profile to meet Armidale singles today!

Spice of Life offers you the chance to meet singles from Armidale from just a click of a button.It's an easy and exciting opportunity for Armidale singles to find that special someone to spice up those days with your soulmate.Many images in our collection have come to us with only the barest of details attached.Your knowledge, interest and enjoyment in identifying dates and locations is helping us to fill in some of the blanks and, in turn, provide better access to the State’s archives.A close rival in popularity to the photo posts is Useful Tips for Reading Handwritten Documents which became a long list of tips and tricks generated by comments from you and from State Records staff.It got us thinking…we create a similar list of useful tips for dating photographs?