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It took almost a year for every year they were together for her to start feeling normal again. She does not know what she will do if she runs into him.Last time she saw him she hid in her car for an hour until she was sure he had gone.May 8, 2015 At a party last night, this former B list mostly television actor from a hit network show that he got booted off before it ended its run has had trouble getting work.

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It has been so long ago that I don’t remember even learning her name. I might move slowly but there is not a lot of pain.

I specifically remember the night, but if not for later events, I’m not sure I would ever have known she was in that group of people.

She stops brushing for one second and then says my name and asks how our mutual friend is doing. Not a second of shock to see me even though she had not been at the party the night before.

I have known her forever, and even I don't know everything there is to know. Not just dating her but romancing her and convincing her to leave the guy she was with because he was going to be next to her forever and never leave and everything he said was wonderful. He was on sets and word would get back to her about the women he was seeing, but then he would call her every night and they would talk and he would make it right. He told her franchises were dumb so she walked away from one and turned down another just because she always did what he said.

She has to be in a good mood and you have to catch her at just the right time. He was in everything and people loved him and worshiped him and here he was, dating her. When they started dating, the whole e-mail thing was new, and cell phones were great, but texting was not something you did all the time. When she would actually catch him cheating he would send over huge presents. She trashed her career for him because he would keep telling her they were going to get married and she should prepare for it so she would turn down work during that time period and then he would cancel the wedding a month or two before, just to mess with her.

She says it started off great and that she was shocked to be the focus of this guy who at the time seemed to be at the center of the universe. They had a lot of breakups but she would always take him back. he was always with someone else or several people and she would have to work to get him back and then he would hurt her again. He has probably dropped to B+ although he usually is the lead in movies he stars in.Even after the split was finally permanent, the scars were there. She has moved back up to B- again and has moved on.The spy didn’t know the show but says the actress could not have been more than 15 or 16 despite being dressed to look 30. Although I haven’t hinted that I knew or know her, I have written posts and blinds about her. It seems like a different life when you look at it now. Slightly later in time when we met compared to some of the other people from my past I have introduced you to. Not a raised eyebrow at the no knocking or finding her the way she was. I just told her I was lost and just needed to find my way out to the living room.I wrote one a few years ago that documented some of her early acting history and experiences. The first time I met her I’m not sure we even spoke to each other. It is like a circle of bedrooms with a living room and kitchen in the middle. Even with all of that it still took me what seemed like another minute or two before I finally caught up to the place where she was. She kept her toothbrush in her mouth and made two hand signals indicating directions and then another to shoo me out of the room. Tomorrow I will tell you about the river and the 48 hours we spent getting to know each other.I knew someone from a group of people she was with and the group of four or five people I was with hung out for a few hours with her group. Friday night had been a million drinks and people and Saturday was starting off slow. As long as I get four or five hours of sleep, I’m generally good to go the next day. My friend is living in this place with five or six other people. Some of the bedrooms connect, but some open doors to bathrooms. Probably not as confusing when stone cold sober operating on some decent sleep.