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Let us point out some advantages of converting to Islam: • Islam is only true religion; others are false (including Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and the rest) • Immediately after your Shahadah, you are qualified by Saria laws to have additional three wives • Further, if any one of your wives doesn’t behave well, you just tell talaak, talaak, talaak and can get easy divorce and replace her with a new young one • On the Judgment Day, you will go to heaven; while your parents, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Barak Obama will get Hell of Fire.We hope you and your girlfriend find above list silly, senseless and stupid.Instead of following religious dogmas, learn to live life.Welcome to, which offers free ringtones of names (Hindi or Indian), bhakti, devotional, bollywood, hollywood, Instrumental, Funny or any text, in MP3 format for all mobile phones.Here you can download ringtone of your name from our huge collection of name ringtones.

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First, you have to realize that for a Muslim girl to marry a Hindu boy is a big deal; sometimes it could go ugly (read honor killing).

While dating, it is possible that Islamic police may punish you.

We understand that you are in love, but do not take any step that results in physical injuries. Here is the list: • You will have a circumcision • You will be given an Arabic name • You will have Shahadah, that is conversion to Islam (see Video) • After that, you will have the Islamic Nikaah • The Muslim girl cannot be a part of Hindu wedding because it is idol-worship prohibited by Islam • You cannot carry any Hindu god photos or Ganesh murti in your new married life home because, as per your Shahadah oath, there is no God but Allah • You cannot (should not) enter a Hindu temple because Hindus pray to false gods • Your children will have Arabic names and circumcision • Food habits: You may be non – vegetarian, while the bride/her family members may wish to eat beef or only halaal and no to pork • Ritual of animal killing: The bride may request for qurbani on Bakr-id.

We do not know how much your birth religion is important to you, but your religious conversion to Islam is absolutely a must (in most cases). Eventually children may learn all these and wish you to join for it • Children will be taught only from the Koran, not at all from Geeta • Children will not be allowed to be a part of Holi, Janmasthami and Diwali • You will have to reduce association with your Hindu parents and friends and ultimately forget them.

But you will have a new set of Muslim relatives and friends • Your wife may start wearing burqa • You cannot convert back to any other religion, otherwise punishment could be stoned to death (as per Islamic law) • If you divorce and convert back to Hindusim, you may not get child custody because children are Muslims by Indian laws • If you die, you will be put in a grave and given Islamic final rites.