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Faye: Were you invited to take part in the 25-Diva Battle Royal at Wrestle Mania 25, this year?

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“It has been kept very personal and both Matt and Edge know about it, because Punk was man enough to tell both to their faces.”Faye: Are you looking to go back to wrestling any time in the near future? The worms started when I toured with Fifteen, in the nineties, it’s like when it’s about 45-minutes or so before you get to the venue, where you’re just like, “I’ve got to get out of this van! I was like, “Get out of the way, what is this guy doing?! ” I can only imagine them being like, “So, what we’re wanting you to do is: grab Kid Rock’s leg, start grinding up on it, then go into the ring and do a drop toehold.” I’d be like, “Absolutely not, under no circumstances.” So, yeah, that is why I did not do that match.

” and you just want to tackle somebody and roll around and scream and stick your head out of the window.

[laughs] But, yeah, my priority is definitely not wrestling, and that’s not to say I don’t appreciate where I came from or that I don’t love the experiences that I had on the road or that I don’t love a lot of people on the roster, it’s just that it’s not where my head is, it’s not where my heart is right now.

She previously had two piercings in her tongue and another two in her nose. In 2003, she founded the animal charity Amy Dumas Operation Rescue and Education (A. In the summer of 2006, Dumas began dating Shane Morton, her Luchagors bandmate.

In February 2005, it was revealed that Dumas had been romantically involved with fellow wrestler Adam "Edge" Copeland for several months while still in a relationship with Hardy.

After their break-up Dumas began dating WWE superstar CM Punk. To put the speculation to rest, the multi-time Women’s Champion is indeed dating Punk, The Sun can confirm. Sources close to the pair told the UK newspaper they are seeing each other and have been for almost a year.A Lita tribute not made by me, i found it in a Lita fan site and i think its awesome! Credits goes to, and me for uploading lol. Credits clips and music to their respective owners.Yes it is true and I wrote some of her personal life below. Dumas' hair is naturally brunette, although she has dyed it red throughout her WWF/E career. Shortly after Hardy made the incident public knowledge, WWE fired Hardy.She has a wide variety of tattoos: a three eyed green gargoyle on her upper right biceps, the word "Punk" on the inside of her lower lip, and the word "iconoclast" written in Russian Cyrillic letters on her lower back neck. After Hardy was brought back a few months later, the real-life situation was translated into a storyline.In 2007, she acquired a sleeve on her left arm, featuring Mexican skulls, one of which has the band 7 Seconds' logo on its forehead. Hardy has stated in interviews that he and Amy have since patched things up, and he still considers her a close friend.