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Well, I agree, but only for a slow dance, and then I narrow skirt and high heels – not quickly poplyashesh.

After supporting his father, Timur became more confident: – Uncle Dima, and can be with Aunt Katya dance? And then I was suddenly interrupted Katya: – What is it you’re not with me, but my husband’s permission to ask?

Perhaps it is in almost everything can be explained in that early married I did not give in to very windy life that lived my fellow soldiers.

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– Kirya plugged Sana’a mouth, the same cloth, and taking him in his arms dragged to simulators, standing along the wall. Sanya already decided that he would fight to the last, but in person he immediately put his trunk. Man treated, was more like a some wizard than medic.Despite all my doubts, after fifteen minutes I ceased to feel pain in the back.Maybe it just seemed compared to the very painful effects of his hands, sometimes I had a hard time holding back a scream.It seemed that all the bones cracking, torn muscles and squeeze out all about the inside.