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When this occurs, family members often then relate the behaviors of the newly-diagnosed youngster to that of the lifelong behavior patterns of a parent or spouse.This "Ah-ha" phenomenon is often accompanied by relief on the part of family members, but with it comes grief when the realization hits home that there is little likelihood of gross changes in the Aspergers adult.For instance, the daughter whose son is diagnosed with Aspergers may then realize that her father had the same constellation of symptoms, and the reason for her father's apparent disconnectedness, coldness, and inability to empathize with her suddenly becomes crystal clear.Aspergers is a lifelong developmental disorder and mainly manifests in the inability to successfully relate emotionally to others during everyday interactions.There exists a lack of awareness in interpreting social cues; a skill that most of us take for granted.

Given that inability, it can be extremely difficult for the family and friends of an Aspergers family member to cope with many of the behavior patterns typically exhibited.As Aspergers is a relatively recently classified disorder, an adult's diagnosis with the disorder may occur after the diagnosis of a child or a grandchild. When I was alone in an empty apartment, I decided to call this guy.I called, we talked for a while and agreed that he will call in the evening. By the time of his arrival, I did nothing, watching TV, just switch channels in anticipation of sex.Did not take long when we called, it was evening, he came and where – in an hour after the call.We shook hands, he walked into the room, we sat on the couch and talked about something, was included TV.