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or the constant rows that break out between his co-workers.A must-see for all mothers, want-to-be mothers and anyone who’s ever had a mother. After the closure of the AIDS Council of South Australia (ACSA) in August 2013, Scarlet Alliance - Australian Sex Workers Association, was successful in securing the SIN funding, and is committed to supporting SIN toward being its own independent autonomous Sex Worker Organisation. Phone : (08) 8351 7626 Hours: Tuesday to Friday am - pm Email : [email protected] Facebook: Twitter: We are concerned with everything that concerns sex workers.

Even if this means asking Lily, a woman she can’t stand, for a loan. She has witnessed what children have done to the women in her life, not least her twin sister.She longs for love, but always meets the wrong men. She struggles to remember what it was like to be the independent woman she once was.The manager Mr Causeway is a gentle man of 55 who cannot deal easily with the stresses of life…Reporting There are a range of options to assist you if you choose to report sexual assault.The University of Adelaide Counselling Service can assist you in this process, as well as Campus Security Service.

This wonderful piece of theatre has only recently been premiered on stage in London in 2013, and now it's Adelaide's turn!

And Galleon Theatre Group is over the moon that we are the first company in Australia to be performing the play!

The University of Adelaide is committed to providing its staff and students with a safe and respectful environment, and offers a range of support services to those who need them.

Sexual Assault and sexual harassment are unacceptable.

The University understands that these experiences are very traumatic and personal, and aims to ensure accessible and confidential information about what to do and who is available to help.

The respect now always campaign, seeks to raise awareness and encourage students and staff to seek help if they experience sexual assault or sexual harassment on campus.