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There is a situation when they have to go away from each other but only to come back.There is a general perception in that Aamna Sharif has an attitude problem.. We gelled together very well during the pilot shoot. We are actors; we want to perform our role so we want to get into the skin of the character and chemistry happens only when other person is reciprocative.I heard stories about that she have a lot of attitude and she throws weight around. For a good onscreen chemistry, an actor should not only say his/her lines but also he/she needs to concentrate on other person’s lines also.

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But marriage is something which comes with its own baggage and packages; sometimes it’s so difficult to handle.It’s a story of a couple who are going through ups and downs.Destiny plays a big role in our life, that’s what we have shown in the story.Most of the credit for the show’s success goes to the sizzling chemistry between Aamna Shariff and her co-star Rajeev Khandelwal.She returned to acting on TV after six years, playing the lead role in SET India’s serial “Hongey Judaa Na Hum” with co-star Raqesh Vashisth.

He loves Muskaan (Aamna Sharif) so they got married. I can show my anger by randomly painting something onscreen. Rohan is a very hyper guy, his heart and head decisions get jumbled up.Hamara Photos is a premier entertainment portal covering the current events, movies, celebrities, photos, news, scoops, reviews and complete entertainment.Aamna Shariff (born 16 July 1982) is an Indian actress who appears in Hindi TV shows and Bollywood films.[3]She was born on 16 July 1982 in Mumbai, Maharashtra to an Indian father and Persian-Bahraini mother. When Sharif was in her second year of college, she began receiving modelling offers for brands such as Close-Up Toothpaste, Beetel Mobile phones, Emami Cosmetic Cream, Clearasil Skin Cream, Set Wet, Nescafe and many others. She also appeared in Kumar Sanu’s “Dil Ka Alam Main Kya Bataun Tujhe” music video as well Falguni Pathak’s “Yeh Kisne Jadoo Kiya,” Abhijeet’s “Chalney Lagin Shariff made her acting debut in the daily Kahiin To Hoga where she played the protagonist. After dating almost for a year Aamna Sharif married her film distributor-turned-producer boyfriend Amit Kapoor on 27 December 2013.The show was a major success and is one of the most successful shows in Star Plus history, ranking on Star Plus’s top 10 shows of all time.