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Before those, I played with a Xacti HD waterproof (on loan from Xacti), I went through a couple of versions of the Sony Cybershot T series (they're durable point and shoots).

There is an i Pod dock of some kind in every room of my house for audio: in my living room I stripped the casing off a first generation dock that was junked (it looks great with everything exposed) and that's hooked into a subwoofer and Bose speakers; in my kitchen I have an old Sony wood-case CD player that is also broken and stripped, with an audio in jack to run i Pods to its "PC" function for music in my kitchen; in my bathroom and for hotel room stays I use a cheap mobile dock that runs off 4 AA batteries; in my bedroom I have a Bose Sound Dock with remote.

I mainly use my i Pod Nano customized with Gelaskins "Bunny Blossoms" print, and take it on the bus with my matching pink Skullcandy headphones.

In my purse at all times I have a camera and two phones, and a small card reader.

For the past year I've either carried my very beat-up Lumix DMC-TZ3K (7.2MP, Leica wide-angle lens) or my Xacti HD-1000 (1080i).

I'm an author, columnist, speaker, sex educator, pro-porn pundit, media disruptor, pinup model, sex ed nerd, sex and technology futurist, and tech fetishist.

At home I run a Mac Mini (Intel Core 2 Duo) with an aluminum Apple Cinema Display circa 2007, with a Porsche La Cie hard drive as backup, plus an extra Mini from 2006 that I use for slave tasks.That setup, my Lumix camera, and my home music setups are the only pieces of hardware (currently in use) that I've purchased: the rest are gifts from anonymous individual sponsors, or from company sponsors. I lovingly mistreat my black Mac Book 13" (4G, also w/mini-dvi to VGA).I use old junk Logitech headsets when I feel like doing a podcast.Either way I require a phone with 3G, QWERTY, 30fps video and a decent lens. I've hacked the Ocean and Nokia(s) to hell and back so I can use Flickr, 12seconds and Qik any time, any place with any kind of image I can create -- all meshed into whatever RSS I think is the right channel for the video or photo media I create (my Twitter stream, my blog, my Flickr, etc.). The Ocean has had me with 3G for years; but the Nokia is easily hacked into a modem for my laptop so I'm always connectable, even if it's beholden to AT&T's annoying coverage whims.If someone gave me a new i Phone -- now that the hardware has caught up to my needs with 3G and video -- I'd actually use an i Phone now (I wasn't interested before), especially because I want to make media with apps my friends have been writing and releasing. My primary work is done through Firefox and I tend to beta whatever they're working on; offline I piecemeal corporate crap for persnickety reasons.I don't believe in paying corporations for software; I like to give money to individuals.